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Increase your Chances of Talking to a Prospect

10 Tips to immediately increase your chances of talking to someone!!!

1. Prospect: \”We\’re not interested.\” You: \”What exactly are you not interested in?\” (This is a great response to use with prospects and gatekeepers when they\’ve given a response before you\’ve even made a pitch. Many of them will stop and ask you what you\’re offering. )

2. Prospect: \”How did you get my name?\” You: \”Um, I\’m not sure. I think you attended a trade show a while ago and we got your card.\” You (#2): \”I asked the receptionist who I should speak with.\” (When cold calling, don\’t say you\’re just calling names in your database. Prospects hate being treated as a number. Knowing that their name is in some database is equally disturbing. Try to personalize your call as best you can.)

3. Prospect: \”Can you call me back in 6 months (or later)?\” You: \”Sure. What\’s going to change by then?\” (Your prospect may have a legitimate reason for pushing back or she may just be brushing you off. Don\’t waste time chasing prospects who will never buy. Asking what\’s going to chance will let you know for sure.)

4. Prospect: \”Can you send me some information?\” You: \”You know, a lot of people tell me that just to get me off the phone. Is that what\’s happening here?\” (Use this response only if you feel you the prospect is just trying to get rid of you. Don\’t waste time and money sending information to prospects who have no intention of buying what you\’re selling. How will you know? Use your gut.) You (#2): \”Sure, where should I send the info? (Get the address). \”You know, we\’re actually going to be over in that area in a few days. Can we give you the information in person?\” (Great response for appointment setters or salespeople whose goal is to set up a meeting.) 5. Prospect: \”We\’re happy with our current vendor.\” You: \”That\’s not a problem. A lot of our current customers started off with your vendor but once we proved our value they switched.\” (This gets the prospect thinking that maybe there are better products or services than what they\’re using.)

6. Prospect: \”We handle everything in house.\” You: \”That\’s great because our product (or service) doesn\’t replace your internal staff. We work with them to make their lives easier.\” (Many people fear what you\’re selling will eliminate jobs. This response will put them at ease.) 7. Prospect: \”You\’ll have to call our corporate office.\” You: \”Who should I ask for?\” (Don\’t cold call if you don\’t have to. Get a name and when you call let the prospect know who referred you.)

8. Gatekeeper: \”Can I take a message?\” You: \”No. Don\’t worry about it. I\’ll try him later.\” You (#2): \”Does he have voice mail?\” (Some gatekeepers will actually take a message. Others use taking a message as an excuse to qualify you. As soon as you tell her what the message is regarding, she may tell you your prospect is not interested. Use your gut and determine if taking a message is really the gatekeeper\’s motive.)

9. Gatekeeper: \”She\’s on another call.\” You: \”I\’ll hold.\” (Do this only if you really have the time to hold and are not bogged down with a dial quota. Waiting for your prospect to get on the line is better than trying to catch her in the office.)

10. Gatekeeper: \”May I tell him what it\’s regarding?\” You: \”Just tell him it\’s (say your name). He\’ll know.\” (This works well when you\’re speaking with gatekeepers who are just weeding out salespeople. In many instances they will put the call through because it sounds like you already know the prospect.)

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