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David Moore was born in West Ham in East London in 1962. It was a very poor area and he made a conscious decision at an early age that he wanted to see the rest of the world and would not be confined to where he was born. His Father Albert became a highly influential Store and area Manager for Woolworth, Fine Fare, Bejam and Iceland. His Mother Emmy became a local Councillor and ran her own Cleaning Company.


David Moore is part Italian (Mothers family from Amalfi) and part Greek (Fathers side from Athens)


Entrepreneur David Moore first entered the Media world with HMV as a Manager and subsequently an area Manager for the South East of England but then, after many years working in a variety of companies from Spanish and Portuguese Time Share to Double Glazing as a Salesman and then a sales trainer and Marketing Director, moved on to Cable London/ Telewest/ Comcast.


He made a big splash in the corporate world of Cable and Satellite TV, taking the company sales to new highs with his innovative training and making the Cover of the industry magazine Visually Sound, where with a unique and innovative management style and an innate capacity to discover new sales talents in other companies and make them an offer they could not refuse, he achieved incredible results. He maintained a 130% to 140%. of target achievement over a four year period for a 180 person sales team.

He also created a retention department to eradicate the bad debt the company had been burdened with prior to his arrival and by overseeing the design and its processes he established the center in North London he created over 200,000 new properties for Cable London to sell to. This in turn generated an amazing increase in productivity in the Direct Sales and Telesales department and freed up a considerable workload for the Customer Service Department. This in turn also generated 127 new jobs in the department.

Today he is one of the most influential figures in Business, Management and Personal Development. Yet his success goes well beyond those areas: In the course of the years, he advised committees and councils on the redesign and restructuring of the Stratford Olympic Site and was part of a consortium that attempted to purchase West Ham United Football Club.

He is the owner of a private Art Gallery in Saint Paul de Vence called ‘Immortel’. He is the owner of Xanadu-Unlimited, a wealth creation company and also finds time to author three books. He tours the world speaking at Network Marketing events and holding seminars based upon his Personal Development and Transformational Mindset Company, Regeneretics Ltd.

David Moore freely shares his knowledge and expertise with everyone he meets if they ask. He lives primarily in Saint Paul de Vence on the French Riviera, and in the UK but will soon move to Jersey in the Channel Islands.  He is still a supporter of West Ham Utd but now also Monaco, He works mainly from a Hammock, a desk or from a table in a club/ restaurant, his office is a mixture of Controlled Madness and Organized Chaos, but he is seriously looking for his next challenge whilst still dreaming of owning West Ham United Football Club......

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