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What do you believe?

It’s only when we think about what we believe that we realise that some of our beliefs are so ridiculous that we try not to own up to them.

We acquired most of our hard-wired beliefs when we were babies. Babies are born with two fears, loud noise and a fear of falling over. Every other fear is learnt. Everything else is just accepted without question. We were lying in our pram with our brains still forming and surrounded by all manner of relations and friends who were talking and sharing their beliefs, totally unaware that they were pouring all manner of rubbish into our subconscious minds, unfiltered, unchecked and untested. To remain dormant until we started to use our brains at around 5 years old.

It wasn’t the fault of the people standing around our pram or who came visiting our home to unknowingly broadcast their beliefs, doubts and fears at us. The same had happened to them and they had never checked the information.

Our beliefs stay with us forever unless we question them which is usually as a result of being supplied with better information.

Unfortunately this means that it is possible the world is being run by people with the beliefs of a 5 year old.

Our beliefs, real or not, are made up. They have no initial link with reality. Are not founded initially in reality. Reality doesn’t care about our beliefs.

Nothing in this world that is real needs us to believe in it to make it real. Or make it MORE real. Reality just is. What is real, just is.

Question everything.

There has to be a reason why something is done.

There has to be a reason why something is done in a particular way.

There has to be a reason why some people are more successful than others.

There has to be a reason why some people, who are exactly the same as you, are more successful than others, including you.

Believe something real. Believe that you can have, be and do anything you want!

You have the ability.

You are more powerful than you know and you can have the world. Believe THAT!

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