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Do something SCARY!!!

As the season changes and we venture into autumn the nights draw in earlier each evening.  We are in the run up to Hallowe\’en and this time of year always has that sense of the unknown about it.  We start to think of Hallowe\’en and the trick or treaters, ghosts, spirits….and in some cases…FEAR. What do you fear?  What scares you? Is it that call to a nightmare client? Is it that dental appointment? Is it that meeting with your boss about your performance (or lack of)? Is it the flight that you have to take? Is it getting in that elevator? Is it…….. Well, whatever it is, it\’s personal to you. But, do you know what? That thing you fear, that challenge you have, that one thing you are DREADING doing… …you need to do it right now, and get it out of the way. Step outside that comfort circle and do something scary, risky, out of the ordinary tomorrow.  Then do something like that every day!  then watch as your confidence grows. You MUST have seen the first Alien movie where the alien bursts out of Cains chest at the dining table on board the Nostromo.

I always think of how different it would have been if I had been on that spaceship. Just as the little alien runs across the table I would have smashed it with a sledge hammer and flattened it. Then, I would have said a line that would have probably been a classic:

“If we had let that out of the room it would have killed everyone!”

Roll credits! Shortest movie in history but…

If you Kill the Monster Early then you save a lot of time and effort.

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