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Are You Following The Right Person?

 Or are you following a follower?

It’s a story about a man that would walk down past the jewelry store every morning and he would take out his gold watch and he would look in the window and he would set his watch. And then he‘d be on his way. This went on day after day, week after week, month after month. Every morning for a few years the jeweler saw this man doing this.

Well, one day the jeweler is out in front of the store and he is sweeping the sidewalk and the man stops, takes out his watch and sets it. And the jeweler said, “Pardon me, where do you work?” He said, “I work down at the big factory and it’s important that I have the watch set properly because I blow the whistle at noon telling everybody it’s time to go to lunch.”

The jeweler said, “Isn’t that funny? Because I have been setting that clock by that whistle every day at noon.”

Do you know, a lot of people do that. They’re following the followers. They never stop and ask themselves, “Where is this person going?”

I want you to take a few minutes today and ask yourself, “Are you following anybody?” And if you are, where are they going? Make certain that if you follow someone, they  know where they’re going. And they will help you get to where you’re going.

This Story came from Earl Nightingale via Bob Proctor

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