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What Are Your Intentions?

Firstly, what is an Intention?

Isn\’t it a goal? Or like a goal? Isn\’t a goal and and intention the same thing?

Short answer, no. Long answer, Nooooooooooooooooo!

A goal is great. We all need and have goals in life. Unfortunately, goals can be ego driven.

Intentions are much more powerful than goals.

An intention is a declaration of how you want things to be.

I used to ask people what their goals were. I would ask salespeople \”What\’s your goal this month\”. The majority of times they would respond with \”Well I don\’t want to miss my target this month\”.

They would repeat that again and again. All their brain would recognise would be, \”miss target\” and sure as hell, they did.

I found it far better to ask \”What do you intend to do\”. If the response is \”I intend to sell to 10 more customers this month\” or \”I intend to get 30 more clients this month\” there is more energy and focus.

There is a lot more conviction when you say \’I intend\’.

This will also align the mind and the body to move forward in the same direction. Meaning your thoughts and actions become the same, become as one.

When you state your intention all of your body systems move in the same direction and something magical and powerful happens…

…The Universe rearranges itself to comply with your intention and make it come true.

Remember, the universe will work with you as long as it knows your intent. And, importantly, you have to take action and follow through your intent. The universe will be with you all the way.

Intent is committment. A committment to achieve. And it is written in stone.

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