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Typical Call

Heres a transcript of a call…the opener…

\”Hi, Its Dave Moore from Pulse Media. How are you?\” \”Fine thanks.\” \”Good. Tell me, are you the person who handles the marketing for your company?\” \”Yes, why? What is this about?\” \”I am the publisher for XXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the NHS. I believe my readership, the NHS, is your target market, is that right?\” \”Yes but I am not interested in advertising with you.\” \”I know. And the reason I know that is because if you were interested you would have called me. You would have been on the phone biting my hand off to get involved in the opportunity I have here.\” \”Really!\” \”Yes, really. I know that you, like me, get lots of calls like this each day. Whats more, I have learnt that at least one of the calls is a special one; one that is worth listening to. This call is yours. Why dont you work more extensively with the NHS?\” \”Its a difficult market to get into.\” \”I hear that a lot. Many of the companies that work with me had the same problem in the past. Fact is…I am already into the NHS on a number of projects and I can bring you in with us on this project.\” \”How would you do that?\”


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