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The Secret to…..

Not unless you get off your ass and do something it won\’t!!!!

I don\’t want to rain on any parade regarding the Law of Attraction but something really bothers me about the whole \’The Secret\’ industry.

I think the only people who are making any money out of using \’The Secret\’ are the people IN \’The Secret\’.

I wonder how many people have crashed and burned after \’thinking positive\’ and \’asking\’ for what they want?  How many people are still waiting for the knock on the door from someone delivering their request?  Waiting for their lottery numbers to come up.  Waiting for the new car. Still looking for that parking space.

The people who are getting a large monthly input into their bank accounts are the people in the Secret.

What\’s more, the Secret has raised another challenge.  The word \’secret\’ is now a buzzword bandied about to make you buy other products.  I know, I know: we all like to know a secret but… …take a look at Amazon….

I just typed in \’secret to sales…\’ and I can see 2,642 books with some permutation of SECRET in the title.

There IS no \’secret\’ to sales.  The answer is very simple.  And it is something many salespeople forget to do.  You can have all the answers and all the techniques and all the confidence you want but you have to remember one thing…you have to ASK FOR THE SALE!

You would be amazed at how many salespeople I have listened to on the phone and sat next to in peoples homes.  I have heard some of them talk and talk, sell and sell, and seen a potential customer switch off.  The salesperson talked the person OUT of the sale and….you guessed it…nothing was sold.  They forgot to ask for the sale.

There is no secret to selling.  It is common sense but now we have so many books on the subject with \’the SECRET to…\’ in the title it\’s madness!!!

The issue I have with The Law of Attraction as portrayed in The Secret is that it bangs on and on about \’asking for what you want\’ but gives the impression that that\’s all you do.  You then sit and wait and, lo and behold, it arrives.  That is BS!

Let\’s break The Law of Attraction down.  In fact lets just break down the word ATTRACTION.

Can you see a six letter word at the end of that word?


Yep, you have to DO something to get something.  You have to take action to receive what you want.  You can\’t just sit back and wait for your special delivery.  You order it and then you do something to make it happen.  You take action to make it real.  You do it yourself.  The Universe just helps you out.  THAT is what it does. 

Remember, when you think the universe is not working for you, get the hell out of its way, let it do its thing.  Don\’t be the obstacle of your own success.

I am a firm believer that everything is attainable and that you can have ANYTHING that you want but unfortunately, many people who watched The Secret think and believe that all you have to do is ask, write it down, believe that you already have it and, miraculously, it will appear. WRONG!

You have to take steps, take action, to make this happen. You have to give SOMETHING in order for the universe to deliver.

Lets put it like this.

Every week a man goes to church and prays for God to help him. \”Dear Lord I have no money, no job, a wife and family to feed, Please Lord let me win the lottery this week.\” This happens each week for 6 weeks. The man does not win. He starts to become disillusioned, losing his faith, and starts to believe that no one is listening. On that final prayer he says, \”Dear Lord, please please let me win the lottery. I am destitute and have nothing. Please let me win the lottery\” SUDDENLY, there is a flash of lightning, a loud clap of thunder and clouds form over the church. The roof of the church parts and a blinding light shines down on the man and then, through the clouds and the smoke he hears a voice… \”Jim, meet me half way…BUY A LOTTERY TICKET!\”

If you are waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, keep waiting. Do something to show opportunity where you live and that you are at home. You do it with Amazon!  You do it with everything else you order online!!  Make sure you do something to make it happen and be ready to receive.  If you don\’t, you might find what you were waiting for has been left with a neighbour!

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