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The Difference that MAKES The Difference

What\’s the Difference that MAKES the Difference?

To me it\’s got to be attitude. That self assuredness, that energy, that belief that no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles appear, you will achieve what you want to achieve.

People always look for cop outs. Excuses. They have a but!

\”I could have done that…BUT!\” \”I would have done that…BUT!\” \”I should have done that…BUT!\”

That\’s the old \’coulda, woulda, shoulda\’ scenario. At the heart of that scenario is another word. \’Didna\’.

I know that if you have the right attitude you can achieve anything.

I use myself as an example.

  1. I have an air of uninsultability. I don\’t care what people say about me. Why should I? They don\’t know what they are talking about! They must get my name right though!

  2. I decide where my energy goes, nobody else.

  3. Everything people say or do to me is energy, and it\’s just a toy for me to play with.

  4. I don\’t take anything that people say to me at first to be written in stone. In other words, what people say first can be changed.

  5. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning I give it.

  6. I never hate people who are obviously jealous of me. I respect their jealousy because they must think I am better than them or they want to be me!

  7. 90% of people are running on autopilot 90% of the time

  8. If I am told something can\’t be done it\’s because the person telling me doesn\’t know how to do it. So I go and do it.

It is also important to think different. A case in point.

I had a conversation the other day regarding work. Someone was looking for a change of career. It seemed that working from home might be better than going out to work. I made a quick suggestion.

\”What about some form of MLM? Multi Level Marketing is booming. You could get on the vitamin and herbal remedy market. There are a lot of companies looking for people to sell products and you could have vitamin evenings and sell the products at home to people who come around for the evening party?\”

What was the response…? Well…objection…..?

Before I tell you the response/ objection let me reframe it….

Throughout my career I have advised people on what to do for a business venture, in what to sell, and how to sell. In all of those areas I get the same response as I got here. The same! What amazes me is how the same reply from me always makes them realises what a stupid, dumbass objection it is…

The response/ objection?…

\”Do you know how many companies there are out there selling that?\”

Duh! Yes I do. Maybe not to the exact figure but I can hazard a guess…

My reply?

\”Do you know how many people there are out there buying that stuff?\”

Simple. There are millions of people out there. BILLIONS of people in the world. Are you telling me that they are ALL buying from these companies. No. They are not.

Advertising either works or it doesn\’t. If it didn\’t work then people wouldn\’t advertise.

I had someone tell me once, \’I don\’t advertise because I know it won\’t work!\’  I told them, \’You know when you will realise that it does?  In a years time when you place an advertisement that says \’Business for Sale\’, THAT is when you will realise advertising works!\’

We all know Louis Vuitton, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Rolex, Breitling and all manner of stuff that we desire and /or buy. Why do they advertise? Why do they HAVE to advertise? Because it works.

Then I got this…

\”If people want things like that then they would just go down to the supermaket and buy them.\”

No WAY!  People have to be TOLD what to buy. They have to be given options.

That\’s why you sell someone a years supply rather than a months.

What\’s more, selling things on the internet or at home is designed to undercut the big stores as well as the small exclusive ones. These MLM companies market stuff that you cannot buy in stores. The opportunity is there!

It\’s a matter of doing things Differently. Thinking Differently. Selling Differently. Being Different. And that\’s the difference that MAKES the difference!

If you let NOTHING get in the way of your target, nothing get in the way of your dream and nothing get in the way of achieving what you want then nothing will.

You have to change your beliefs, change your attitude and change your mind set.

You must not let anything get in your way.

Here\’s an example…This is someone who never let anything get in their way, never let anything stop them, adapted situations to suit and changed themselves…they know the meaning of the difference that makes the difference.

The man is Chaim Weitz.

Though he is from a Hungarian family he was born in Isreal and his Mother took him, at the age of 8, to live in America even though he was unable to speak English.

When older he made money selling comic books at conventions. He learnt to speak English, German and Hebrew as well as his native Hungarian and taught in schools in America under the name Gene Klein.

A few years later he picked up a guitar, changed his name to Gene Simmons and morphed into the guy in the pic at the top of this blog!

If he can achieve a personal metamorphosis like that…anything is possible. That\’s the Difference that MAKES the Difference!

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