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The 10 Commandments of Dynamic-Life

The Dynamic-Life Academy Training Program has two major handouts.

One is The Tao of Dynamic-Life.  A page a day program that offers motivational and inspirational teaching for every day of the year, all 365 of them. 

(It can be purchased seperately for £150 via The Moore Consortium website.  An email to me, will result in the details being sent to you and you can download it immediately and begin integrating it into your life.)

The second handout is the Dynamic-Life 10 commandments.  These are ten sections of the program distilled down into soundbites which form the basis of Stage One of the Dynamic-Life Academy Program.

  1. If you don\’t know what to do, take a bold leap forward.  This is your default setting.

  2. If every body said exactly what they were thinking at the same time, most people would be speechless.

  3. Happiness is a personal choice and not a product of anything external.

  4. The invisible created the visible.

  5. Sit with confusion. Watch it grow or shrink.  It becomes energy you can use.

  6. Being great = Preperation.  Being mediocre = Preperation H.

  7. Don\’t bother pitching or talking to people who can\’t make a decision.  If they can\’t say NO then they lack the authority to say YES.

  8. Think Big Picture.  Not what impacts you but what impact your customer.

  9. Calculate the risks but do it anyway.

  10. Have fun.  If you don\’t enjoy it, no one else will.

Remember…it\’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

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