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Preperation Onassis Style

Anyone who really knows me (and thats only a few people) will tell you I have a big Onassis collection. I don’t think there is a book, tape or picture I haven’t got. One of the most fascinating things I read about him came from the Captain of Onassis’ yacht, The Christina. He said that many nights, Onassis would pace around the decks and in his study arguing and talking and shouting… at himself. He was rehearsing a Q&A session in a meeting he was going to have next day and he answered the questions he knew they would ask him. Whats more he did it in various styles, passive, angry, funny, violently…just to condition himself against the onslaught. Then he answered them in various ways and when, and only when, he was certain he had covered all the angles, he went into battle. People used to go to the meetings with a retinue of assistants. Onassis went alone. He held his ground on his own. He was the business. The business was him. He was prepared. He had the world in his hands and didn’t let go…or drop it. Do it, don’t try it, do it! And people will be saying about you, \”You sound so smooth! You sound so confident. You\’re a natural.\”

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