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Old School…always the best

The fascination people have with new techniques of selling amazes me.  The word \’technique\’ is the thing that makes me shudder.  There is no technique, no magic pill or bullet.  If I said to you that I could teach you the one magic punch that would knock out any world champion boxer, you would be emailing me and booking me to teach you it.  Problem is, even if there was one, and even if I taught you it…you wouldnt land it!  By the time you could you would be on the canvas.  Why?  Because of all the other things you need to know, like block, jab, parry, bob and weave.  Ride a punch, absorb a punch, move around.  No my friend…there is no magic pill.  No hot button.  No magic phrase that, when recited, will make people get their checkbooks out or open their wallets.

You need an arsenal of stuff, a program, a way of manouvering yourself into a position of value whereby people buy from you rather than you sell to them.

If you want to know what THAT is, email me at for a step up that ladder of success.

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