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Jeremy Kyle and the Christmas Sell-Out

A new low was hit on the Jeremy Kyle show today.  That actually takes some doing when you have a TV program filled with pikies, diddycoys, social security scroungers, numptys, liars, cheats, prostitutes, drug addicts, wife beaters, psychopaths, sociopaths, delinquents, illegal immigrants and cowards.

I am a pretty haphazard viewer of the show.  If I am at home I watch it and laugh.  Like catchphrases, Kyle has a few things he has to say in every show like:

  1. Put something on the end of it! (audience applauds)

  2. You\’re a disgrace Madam.

  3. You\’re the daddy.

  4. Are you working?

  5. How are you gonna pay for the child?

  6. I and every other tax payer is paying for your drink/ drugs/ child (delete as applicable)

  7. You need a size ten up the backside.

  8. A real father would WALK those ten miles every day.

  9. Get off your backside and get a damn job.

  1. You are a really nasty person.

  2. You shut up, you shut up, you shut up, you listen.

  3. Be quiet, instantly.

  4. Oh, your getting angry now are you?

  5. Get this off my stage.

  6. You want to have a go at me now do you?

One thing amazed me more than anything.  It was the fact that Kyle is angrier, ruder and more confrontational than his \’guests\’ yet he is affronted when anyone else gets angry.  One rule for Kyle, one rule for everyone else.  It\’s OK for him to behave like that but…not them.

The \’guests\’ have catch phrases too:

  1. Basically.

  2. Literally.

  3. He/She/I turned around and said.

  4. At the end of the day.

The belief here is that by sprinkling your sentences with \’literally\’ and \’basically\’ it gives the impression you have a large vocabulary or are more educated than you really are.  Saying things like \’I was literally on the phone\’ or \’basically it was not me\’ gives a rather different impression.  Basically, why would anyone, at the end of the day, turn around and literally say those things?

Or they repeat the question. \”Why did you send that text?\” \”Why did I send that text?\” \”YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!\”

I know he is a reformed gambler. I know he still has a fetish for licking his mobile phone. I know he hates social networking. But, what I didn\’t know about Kyle was how two faced he was!

Today, after a couple of days giving spa breaks to parents of disabled or ill children and toys to the children themselves he shot himself in the foot.

A few months ago there was a family on there, one of the many tattooed, pikie, inbred versions.  The mother was a hooker, the daughters had been told that the man they thought was their father wasn\’t their father, and he, having heard he was one of about 5 potentials, decided to leave and met a woman and had a family with her.  He had not had contact with the daughters for 15 years.

If people don\’t get in touch for 15 years, there is a reason.  Whatever that reason is, it\’s their reason and no one elses.  On the show they were arguing.  So much in fact that the \’father\’ sat outside with his wife rather than confront the daughters and their hooker mother.  At the end of the show, after Kyle had  discovered that there had been no contact, the hooker was not working and was claiming benefits, the \’father\’ was not working and claiming benefits, after much shouting, screaming and jumping up and down by Kyle, the DNA proved that the \’father\’ was the father of the two girls.

Today, Kyle got them back.  Not the hooker though.  She had probably dusted off the handbag and was taking advantage of the last minute Christmas rush.  The Father was back with the two daughters and they told the audience and Kyle how they were slowly rebuilding their lives and making up for time lost.

What happened next?

Kyle got two helpers out who brought on a child\’s scooter, thirty or so DVDs, a DVD player, a Nintendo Wii with games….WTF WTF WTF?

What happened to:

  1. Are you working?

  2. How are you gonna pay for that?

  3. I and every other tax payer is paying for you

  4. You need a size ten up the backside.

  5. Get off your backside and get a damn job.

Jeremy Kyle you are a joke, the biggest joke of Christmas and every day of the year.  You have really lost the plot.

When you consider the people up and down the country who cannot afford to put a meal on the table, or buy their kids presents, or even pay their bills…you reward a scumbag family that you humiliated and made the audience laugh at on a previous show with over £1500.00 worth of freebies.

When Kyles assistants wheeled out the freebies, the three pikies smiled, they looked eagerly at the scooter, DVDs, Wii with games and controllers, DVD player and all the other stuff and I could see one thing flashing through their minds. It wasn\’t gratitude. It wasn\’t humility. It wasn\’t thankfulness.

What was it that was flashing through their minds? It was this:

Time for a taste of your own medicine.  You are a disgrace Kyle.  Leave the TV screen instantly!  Click!

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