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If you are waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, keep waiting. Do something to show opportu

If you are going to think, then think BIG. Donald Trump The universe does not understand size or amounts. Ask for what you want and take action and you will receive. David Moore

Yes, two quotes that sum up the Law of Attraction to me.  I am a firm believer that everything is attainable and that you can have ANYTHING that you want but unfortunately, many people who watched The Secret think and believe that all you have to do is ask, write it down, believe that you already have it and, miraculously, it will appear. WRONG!

You have to take steps, take action, to make this happen.  You have to give SOMETHING in order for the universe to deliver.

Lets put it like this. Every week a man goes to church and prays for God to help him. \”Dear Lord I have no money, no job, a wife and family to feed,  Please Lord let me win the lottery this week.\” This happens each week for 6 weeks.  The man does not win.  He starts to become disillusioned, losing his faith, and starts to believe that no one is listening. On that final prayer he says, \”Dear Lord, please please let me win the lottery. I am destitute and have nothing. Please let me win the lottery\” SUDDENLY, there is a flash of lightning, a loud clap of thunder and clouds form over the church.  The roof of the church parts and a blinding light shines down on the man and then, through the clouds and the smoke he hears a voice… \”Jim, meet me half way…BUY A LOTTERY TICKET!\”

If you are waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, keep waiting.  Do something to show opportunity where you live and that you are at home.

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