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Cold Calling Scripts

Generating leads is great. With your online marketing working, print ads running, and your direct mail pieces in action you can have new prospects contacting you nearly every minute of the day. Having 100\’s of eager prospects contact you weekly for help is great WHEN you can transform them into business. Having 100\’s of people who contact you and NOT making any sales from them is just a sure-fire way to waste money

As you get your marketing generating leads one of the most important skills to master is that of conversion. Taking someone from being a \”total stranger\” to a \”raving fan\” takes a skill set that few master and that most never get to. To prevent you from wasting 5,000 plus phone calls (which is how one of my clients learned script mastery) I invite you to consider the following sales script methods. 1. Control the Conversation – This is one that is tough for many business owners. Naturally when someone calls you, you want to be helpful. The challenge is that IF you are too helpful, you won\’t get the client. There are many people who are happy to waste your time, use you as a free information service, and NEVER will buy a single item or use your service. As you formulate your scripts, keep in mind that controlling the conversation is what will save you time and help you yield the maximum volume of sales. 2. Stop Statement – Before you can use your sales scripts, it is necessary to stop the prospect from asking you questions. When people are asking you questions (i.e. about price, availability, options, etc) they are in control. Use a stop statement to gain control of the conversation. Your stop statement can be something as simple as \”glad you asked, let me look that up for you…\”. A small pause get them thinking you are helping and lets you start asking questions. 3. Interest Piquing Questions – Most entrepreneurs, sales professionals, etc try to \”sell\” their prospects on features and benefits. Instead of telling someone why your product/service is the best, ask them interest piquing questions. Transforming your sales scripts into powerful questions will get the prospect to see YOU are the choice. For example:

Instead of \”Our product is top rated in the industry\” Try \”Would you like to discover why our product received top ratings from every industry expert?\”

When you can control the conversation, use stop statements, and ask interest piquing questions you will have generate more sales daily.

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