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I am asked again and again how board breaking, firewalking and glasswalking are possible. Truth is…they ain’t. But I train people to do the impossible…so that’s ok…OKAY!!!??? I will explain all three at a later date with some pic’s from my exploits.I have also been asked about state management and the voices in your head that fuck with you on a day 2 day basis. Well…I will get into the whole \’inner voice\’ thing soon but I am gonna talk about the RAS. Reticular Activating System. This is something that a couple of people have asked me about. Its a filter in your brain that allows certain criteria through. It works in conjunction with the information you give it. Ask it something/ tell it something: and it responds….Ever lost you car keys at home??? The first thing you say to yourself is…\”I can’t find my keys!!\” That isn’t anything but a \”command\”. You run around the house looking in the lounge, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, purpose built dungeon etc…Nothing! As you walk into the lounge you say again, \”I cant find my keys\” Your keys are on the table. Your eyes see the keys and go \”err, they\’re on the table!\” and you brain says, \”Sssshh! He thinks he\’s lost them.\” So your eyes say, \”ok, we\’ll come with you.\” and around the house you go again only this time you look with more urgency. The place looks like the bomb squads had a look around. You walk into the lounge and go \”WHERE ARE MY KEYS!\” and then you notice them on the table.

The language you are using is conditioning your outcome. Ever tell someone, \”Don\’t spill your drink\”. Next thing, splash! They hadn\’t thought of it until you, indirectly, told them to think about it.

The RAS is made up of three parts.

1. Survival. If you are crossing the road you are aware of the noise and what you are seeing. You see people walking around, you can hear traffic, people talking, birds singing etc when…suddenly…an unusual sound. A car engine that doesn\’t sound the same as the others, louder, more menacing. Your RAS is saying…\”Danger!\”

2. Novelty. Hang a painting on the wall. It’s the latest thing in there. That’s all you see when you walk in. It’s new. Put a new rug on the floor. Walk in and you look at the new rug. The painting is second. Put a new chair in their and…you get the message.

3. Emotional. You are linked to other people, friends-lovers-family. Ever been in a crowded shopping center or one of those ginormous bookstore or supermarket? Hundreds of people and you have lost the person you were with and then, through the crowds, among hundreds of people you spot them either directly or out of the corner of your eye.

How? It’s the filter. It gives you the information you want and it stops the information you dont want, depending upon the question you ask yourself.

A pal says, \”If you are changing your car, why don’t you get a BMW 4×4?\” You don’t know what one looks like. You drive around saying to yourself, \”I don’t know what a BMW 4×4 looks like\” again and again. You don’t see one. You go to a showroom, look, see, like, buy and drive home in your brand new BMW 4×4. What car do you now see everywhere? Yep! This is just a snapshot of part of my SuperLife course and I will post some more for you.Onward and upward. DM

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