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Wake up and smell the commission!

It\’s 7am and here I am sitting drinking my first cup of coffee of the day. I average around 8 a day. Not a great deal of coffee I think…but I could be wrong. I venture into Costa and Starbucks for a medium black Americano or a Cappucino as a break from the daily grind!! This morning I am drinking some of the best coffee I have had in a long time. It\’s called Gitomer Brew. I got it free with a thermos mug with \’coffee is for closers only\’ written on it from Jeffrey Gitomer. The website you need is and Jeffrey Gitomer is a world recognised Sales Trainer with a wealth of knowledge and I would personally recommend that you head on over to and sign up for the newsletter, look around his site and BUY HIS BOOKS!!! He\’s a pro. Are you still reading this, you should be punching into your browser and taking a look around, you may even see me there in the newsletters!! I\’m going back to my coffee…Enjoy!

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