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Let me ask you a question. Have you ever looked at a website or read about a seminar that you thought was similar to hundreds of others but, for whatever mysterious reason, you found yourself starting to think things differently, and see it in a whole new way? Imagine a time in your future, say six months from now, when you have used all of my cutting edge techniques and information, and you are driving that better car, living in a bigger house in a more exclusive area, or lying in a hammock on a far flung beach staring at a paycheck that looks like a telephone number. You have abundance in your life, your bank balance and your relationships. As you find yourself thinking about that, and how wonderful it feels, don’t you feel glad that you applied all the things we showed you? This is not a self-help website. There is no such thing. Nor are there self-help books. If you could ‘help’ your ‘self’ you wouldn’t need the book. Like ‘self abuse’; it has to be done by yourself. Those books should be called, ‘Buy me and I might help you if you bother to read past page 22’ books. What you will find on here are wild ideas, amazing beliefs and some politically incorrect language but, over the years of collating and constructing all of this I guarantee…it works! Take a look. We have ideas, tools, tips, techniques, strategies and answers. Our trainers got them through years of training, learning, listening and being willing to make mistakes. Mistakes are great. They are feedback, results and answers. There is no win/lose, only win/win or win/learn. Lose your commission or get your face slapped: either way it stings but the gain and the learn is forever. Selling is a skill, just like playing the piano or the guitar, or painting. It can be taught. You may have an affinity, but even if you don’t, after a Slight of Mind training session, or even just reading the free newsletter, you will be on your way to achieving the same results as hundreds of other people. Language is the key. Knowing how to say what you want to say in a manner that conveys meaning, intent and energy. The ability to construct images, beliefs and feelings in another person’s mind by just the tone of your voice and the language patterns you use. Creating a state that you want someone to be in and transporting them there. What better way of relating with people is there? The techniques and tools can be applied in any environment. You choose what it is you are selling. Cars, windows, copying machines, insurance, cable or yourself. In all sales environments, the customer is buying you first, product second. But, you could use these skills as a way to increase your interpersonal and relationship skills, be it for personal or business reasons. Commercial or private. New windows or dinner tonight! You will be amazed to discover that there are no such things as desire, attraction, lust, etc. They are states of mind and once you know how they occur you can create them at will! NLP, hypnosis, language patterns, embedded commands, manipulation techniques, subliminal selling skills, the list is endless. They will all be found on this website and can be summed up in three words: Applied Common Sense. Take a look around. The really good news (as if all that wasn’t enough!) is that as you sign up for the free monthly newsletter you will gain full access to the site and the Forum, home of ‘The RatPack lounge’. As you begin to imagine the possibilities opening up I know that you, like me, see that there is no limit to what you can do. I have an intuition about you. Although we have not met yet, you are wondering what on earth is in here. Well, my friend, you will find cutting edge, state of the art, redactional training technology, brought to you in a low-tech, high impact, manner which will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation one minute and leaning back in wonder the next. A full Sensurround experience which comes straight from my very own Area 51. A stealth technology. You will carry a photon torpedo, thermo nuclear, klingon disrupter with you from this day forward. Contact us!

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