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Underground or Underwater?

Hey look, I know the Jubilee line goes under the Thames a couple of times but this is ridiculous. I took this pic with my cameraphone on Saturday

My mate laughing in the background didn\’t help either, thanks Rob! She then walked through Bond Street Tube station like this. Have they left the gates open again? Is it comic relief? Here is the Top Ten List of things heard on the Underground this week.

  1. Pete Doherty has the same face as Myra Hindley.

  2. He turns and BANG! Top corner. No chance.

  3. He starts trouble, but he doesn\’t get it. I have to live here and deal with it.

  4. That\’s not sushi, it\’s just a starfish.

  5. These are those glasses made out of memory plastic that you can\’t bend out of – oh shit!

  6. Russell Square? I know that. Who\’s that named after?

  7. He was shaving his head when it fell off.

  8. I asked for an Americano. I think this is a latte.

  9. Did you understand any of that? It would help if these people spoke English.

  10. Everyone had left the office, so we raided the fridge and found three cans of Stella.

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