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The Perfect Equation – Dynamic-Life Academy

Other than you, who is the enemy of your enemy?

Hmmmm, that\’s not something you have thought of much is it?

Think about it now.

Remember, \”The enemy of my enemy is my friend\”…or at least my temporary ally, united in a common cause ….

Like E=MC2…it\’s the perfect equation.

Sometimes these allies you don\’t know you have are actual physical people…and it is possible that they hate your enemy more than you do. It\’s logical. If you have an enemy then it\’s highly likely they are so odious that more people hate them than like them.

At other times these unexpected allies are psychological in nature.

Your enemies physical enemies. They are easy to spot because they are real. They are people he/ she has pissed off or else people that have pissed off him/ her. They are out to get your enemy, or at least your enemy thinks they are out to get them…perhaps because you make them think that!

Your enemies real and physical enemies can be incited against her (we shall call your enemy a her). This is known as the \’dog eat dog\’ ploy. This is analogous to throwing a single bone to a pair of starving hounds and is especially effective (and gratifying) when used to get one of your enemies to destroy the other, and hopefully destroying themselves in the process ;-).

The winner in such a fight will be weakened, and thus more susceptible to your attack.

You could play the double bluff and convince your enemy that the only way of defeating their real or imagined enemy is to join forces with you. This would allow you to create a whole catalogue of \’shadow enemies\’ to quixotically tilt against them, expending their limited resources, resources that are no longer at their disposal when they attempt to defend against your attack.

You gain an alliance by exaggerating the potential and plottings of her real – and imagined – enemies.  If she remains unresponsive to your \’peace\’ overtures, join her real enemies.  If possible, secretely. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Your enemies psychological enemies. Psychological enemies are a little harder to spot. They are \’in her head\’, whether inherited strands of worry and phantoms of paranoia she has dragged behind her since childhood. Or they will be the entangled vines of doubt and disappointment you adeptly, adroitly, and rightly, plant in her mind thru your ability.

Unlike actual physical enemies, these psychological enemies are less tangible, and often impossible to get a grip on. What\’s good for your enemy is usually bad for you. on the flip side, what\’s bad for your enemy is bound to be good, or of advantage, for you.

Psychological disturbances are like frustration, irrational fears, and debilitating stress.  Although these are your enemy, are also your enemies enemy. Discovering that your enemy is plagued by one of these psychological enemies will not only give you insight into their thinking processes and beliefs, but will provide you with avenues for direct or oblique attack.

The enemy of my enemy really is my friend!

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