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The Easiest thing for your Competition to copy –

As I\’ve stated before \”The middle is dead.\” If you want to be successful in today\’s business world, you have to be one of two things. You either need to be the cheapest or the best. In my opinion though, you never want to be known as the cheapest or, \”The Price Company.\” You always want to strive to be the best. This week I want to cover the first of three reasons why you don\’t want to be the cheapest. Price is the single easiest thing for the competition to duplicate. Any idiot can drop their price. It doesn\’t take a genius to that. You know what the toughest thing for the competition to duplicate is? Extraordinary quality, service, convenience and value; you know why? Because extraordinary quality, service, convenience and value requires the most effort. Now you know as well as I do that most people are not willing to put forth extra effort. You know why? Because it\’s HARD! Of course, if it were easy, everyone would do it. But, you see, it\’s the hard that makes you great. It\’s the willingness to do the hard that makes you great and separates you from the competition, because most of them are only willing to do the easy and raise their price, and still deliver shoddy work which should come with ‘happy-shopper’ or ‘poundshop’ labels. Keep your standards to the max and never, ever, compromise. If you do a poor job, what rewards do you get? No! I thought you got poor rewards too, but you don’t. You get no rewards, sometimes wrapped in a P45 or termination of employment letter. If you want poor rewards you’ve got to do a good job. You have to be good at your job and then you get the poor rewards. Go up to the level above and you then reach excellent. And the rewards there are….Good! Bummer isn’t it? The rewards are not commensurate with the effort. But if you want all the rewards that excellence brings, all the money and the power, all the respect…you only have to go up one more level. That level is OUTSTANDING! When you are outstanding, you stand out. You are different. That’s the place you Must be.

Be selective who you buy from, be outstanding in the way you sell yourself and your products, and make sure that you are professional at all times. That way you never have to apologise for being a salesperson. Now go sell something, and have an outstanding day.

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