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The Convincer Strategy MetaProgram

Yes…thats me in the background outside the Paris Opera having checked the location for the Slight of Mind Selling Seminar in the Hotel next door. I have no idea who that is walking in front of the camera. I don\’t know if it\’s male or female either!!! If it\’s you reading this, I\’m sorry but, \’sort yourself out!\’

The last time I ran that seminar I got asked what NLP MetaProgram is best when it comes to sales/persuasion and negotiations. The MetaProgram I recommend to first learn is THE CONVINCER STRATEGY. Wait, what\’s a MetaProgram you ask.? A MetaProgram is a way that people sort information. People will only respond to your attempts to influence (read SELL) if the information you tell them fits their MetaProgram. There are a lot of MetaPrograms and all are valuable to learn. The one that most sales people can easily use once they learn it is The Convincer Strategy MetaProgram. The Convincer Strategy quickly determines what a person requires in order to be convinced that something is good (or worth buying). To elicit someone\’s Convincer Strategy (this is so simple it will blow you away) you only have to ask two questions and follow some very simple rules. Question #1 \”How do you know (whatever it is) is good?\” After asking this question you will get one of four answers 1) \”I have to see it.\” 2) \”I have to read about it.\” 3) \”I have to hear about it.\” 4) \”I have to do it/ feel it/work with it.\” None of these answers are wrong of course as each person has their own strategy for being convinced. When you hear their answer agree with it and remember what they said. Once you have this response be prepared to deliver the information according to their answer. If they must see it show it to them. If they must read about it have written material for them read to read. If they must hear about it be ready to introduce them to people who can give testimonials. If they must do or feel it have something ready for them with which they can interact. Question #2 \”How many times or for how long do you have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it before you are convinced it\’s good?\” This is a vital part of the process. From this answer you will get four possible responses. 1) \”I just have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it once and I\’m convinced.\” 2) \”I have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it X number of times and I\’m convinced.\” 3) \”I have to see it/read about it/hear about it/do it for X length of time and I\’m convinced.\” 4) \”I\’m never convinced.\” Regardless of which response you receive you have their personal process to be convinced and all that is needed is to fulfill their strategy. It\’s that simple. Of course, there are numerous combinations so I\’ll give a few examples. For Example, in a situation of a salesman selling widgets: Sales Pro: How do you know a widget is good? Probable Buyer: I would have to read about it. SP: How much do you have to read to know a widget it good? PB: I\’d have to see it\’s review in Widget Digest and do two or three Internet searches on it. SP: Great, here is the Widget Digest that did our review and let me show you the search results here on my computer. SP: How do you know a widget is good? PB: I would have to try it for a while. SP: Great,. How long would it take you to try it? PB: About a week. SP: Let me have you take this widget and you can have it for two weeks as part of our service package before you decide you want it. SP: How do you know a widget is good? PB: I would have to see it working. SP: How long would you have to see it working to know it\’s good? PB: I\’m never convinced. I\’d have to see it working EVERY TIME to be really convinced it\’s good. WOW! What do you do now? Give up like most other Sales UNprofessionals? No…you\’re a Pro, you do this everyday!!!….. The answer, is future pace. It might go something like this. (Warning!! Very advanced Time Distortion technique coming up.) SP: As you see it now do you notice it fulfills what you need right now, doesn\’t it? PB: Yeah, Sure NOW it does. SP: Imagine a time in your future, say six months from now, when you are using this widget and benefiting from what it can do. As you look back at today, don\’t you feel glad you made the decision to buy, right now? PB: Yes. Get your pen out….Thats a Done Deal Sherlock! The Convincer Strategy is one way to really lock in a sale and it\’s also just ONE of the NLP MetaPrograms that you can use to powerfully influence people.

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