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Target The Source

In your life, be it business or private, you will come up against trouble.  The Dynamic-Life Academy shows you how to deal with individuals, agitators, who set out to poison your life.

There is a saying that you should remember and hold dear.  It\’s memory will serve you well.

\”Shoot the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter\”. The Shepherd is a metaphor for your enemy, your agitator.  The sheep are a metaphor for your agitators followers, believers, team.

You have to do this early.  You must have seen the Alien films. They are great and I always get a kick out of watching them. Do you remember that scene in the first film when Cain (John Hurt) has that alien burst out of his chest?

I always think of how different it would have been if I had been on that spaceship. Just as the little alien runs across the table I would have twatted it with a sledge hammer and flattened it. Then, I would have said a line that would have been immortal:  “If we had let that out of the room it would have killed everyone!” Roll credits!

The movie would have been over in a matter of minutes and the Alien would not have gone on a rampage, nor would the crew have been slaughtered.

In other words, do not wait for the trouble your enemy will surely cause to multiply.

Nor should you waste time negotiating with them.

You have to neutralize them, eliminate them, destroy them in order to cancel their influence.

If you strike at the source then the sheep will scatter.

If you do this the followers, believers, of your enemy will be disheartend and demoralised.  You will upset the \’natural\’ rhythm and balance.  Their center of gravity is gone.  There is nothing left for them to orbit.

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