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One of the things I enjoy most about what I do, is that I get to meet a lot of successful people. I love speaking with them about how they got to be successful and I love hearing their stories of how they started and eventually got to where they are now.

I\’ve learned two very important lessons from all of these successful people:

1) There was no one \”by the book\” way of doing it. Each one of these successful people had their own way of achieving success. They followed a path that suited them best, by determining what was most important in their lives. Looking at what other successful people do and doing the same thing is not always going to work for you. Especially if the person you\’re copying doesn\’t have similar values, priorities and goals. And also if the person you are modeling is a complete maniac. There are some very successful people who are sick, twisted, dangerous individuals so be careful. Look for successful people who are doing what you want to do, in the same way you want to do it.

2) They all \”Love what they do.\” If there is one common thread that runs through all the successful people I\’ve met, it\’s that they absolutely, positively, love what they do. The single, biggest reason they do it, is they love it. Successful people believe that what they do helps the people they do it for. For example, successful salespeople really, truly believe they don\’t sell, they believe they help. Their attitude is; \”I can\’t help you unless you see me, and once you see me, I certainly can\’t help you unless you buy something from me.\”

Successful salespeople believe their products and services are the best. They are convinced that if they allow a customer to buy from the competition, they have allowed them to buy second best and, therefore, have done them a terrible disservice. If you really believe what you do is the best, then it is your obligation to make sure people buy from you.

Fact 1. A salesperson is only as good as the product they have to sell. A great salesperson cannot consistently sell a dogshit product. Now, if it’s high class, state of the art, dogshit? That’s another matter. Remember; you can’t polish a turd. It’s got to be a product that is good, there is a need for, and it works.

Fact 2. If it is a great product, sell it but don’t fall in love with it. There will be another along in a minute!

Successful people don\’t do what they do for the money. They do it because they love it and that is why they earn a lot of money. The money is a by-product of their attitude and action.

I remember many years ago watching a TV talk show whose guests were famous female entrepreneurs. One of the women was asked the following question: \”I want to start my own business. How do I decide what kind of business to go into?\”

She replied, \”The best way to do it is to find something you love doing and just do it all the time: even if you have to give it away for nothing.\”

When starting a new career or a new business, the money is always the last thing to show up. If you don\’t love what you\’re doing, what\’s going to get you through the tough days before it arrives? Belief! And that, my friend, comes from enjoying what you do.

Now, go and sell something!

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