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Sitting on eggshells….

\”I Want To Speak To My CEO, VP, Marketing Department, Wife, Dog….. \”

Do you panic like a few of the delegates at my training course told me they do? What the hell is all that about? They said they were sitting on eggshells terrified of losing the sale? How can you lose a sale you haven\’t got yet? Well, if you do that, STOP…and use this close from now on:

You: Let me ask you a question, Mr Brown. I have given you a lot of information in the last ________ and I am pleased that you have really taken all this on board. It’s great to be able to talk to someone who understands the benefits of what we do as well as the intricacy of making it happen. Over the last __________ I have told you who we are and what we do, how we get our information, who our target audience is, the process of how we put you in front of all the key players in your industry, the scope of the project, the subscription base, the rates and distribution and timeline. Tell me, if I had asked you at the very start of our conversation, without you knowing any of that info, to make a decision and place an ad with us, you would have said no, yes?

Them: Yes

You: Then I am right in saying that it doesn’t make sense to take advice from someone who knows less about this project than you or me, yes?

Them: Yes!

You: So, do you want to place a single page ad or do you want to include a second page with a company profile?

Ok…I admit it! It is ballsy and it is in your face but what have you got to lose? Nothing. You can\’t lose the sale because…you ain\’t got it yet! This will do one of two things….it will either get the sale or it will expose the real objection they were hiding behind.

Now…go and have your best day ever!

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