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SALES – Dynamic-Life Academy

The 21st Century Salesperson

This course is aimed specifically to enable new and experienced salespeople to break through to success in today’s environment. It is the people who have the right attitude, skill and knowledge that will be successful. Delegates will learn that those three ingredients are vital in the recipe for a successful sales career, thus enabling them to become better equipped to maximize their potential and skyrocket their performance.

Who is it for? New salespeople, Experienced salespeople, New to the business or those who want to take the ball another 100 yards, Those who have had little or no training, Those who have read a book about, seen a film about or heard the words Body and Language together in a sentence, Anyone who wants to develop their sales skills What will they learn? How to Plan and manage a sales territory, Prospect and identify key decision-makers. Deconstructing the target and pre-planning, Plan and prepare a sales presentation, Open a sales presentation confidently, Recognise different types of buyers, Tailor a presentation to suit the situation, Be confident and assured enough to walk away from a non-productive meeting, use Power/ open/ closed questioning, defferentiate Features and benefits v Sales Criteria, Eliminate ‘buyers remorse’, Complete the sale with a full commitment, Getting referrals, Exceeding target consistently.

The Sales Course

Selling!  What an honourable profession!

Everyone sells. Some, though, are better at it than others.

That can be changed. Wherever you may be reading this, be it at home or in the office, look around you. That desk, that lamp, that sofa, chair, carpet, TV, computer etc. NONE of it would be there if someone hadn’t sold it to someone else.You may have decided to buy some of those things yourself but someone sold it to you at some point. You may even have sold it to yourself!

There is no escaping it. Selling is a profession, an art, and a way of life. Be it a car, washing machine or cable TV. Someone needs it! Someone sells it to someone else.

Everyone wants something but they don’t know what they want, how to get it, why they want it or what to do with it when they’ve got it.

Knocking on doors and cold calling over the telephone are difficult jobs, thankfully. If it was easy: everyone would be doing it. Salespeople see difficulties as opportunities.

Presentations differ. What works for one may not work for another. Opening statements come in all shapes and sizes. In this instance: size matters! The ones that are short, sharp and punchy and contain the minimum amount of information and pricing are the best.

In todays environment, using old sales training methods will leave you dead in the water. It is not a case of buyer beware but one of Seller AWARE! Know your product, know your customer.Our courses are structured from over twenty years of experience and are tailored to suit your specific requirements. Far too many companies have \’set\’ seminars that you have to pick relevant information and techniques out of…we don\’t…our courses are bespoke.

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