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Reading Lists…

I get asked at seminars about what books I would recommend people read. I think you should go where your heart and mind lead you.

When pushed I do have a list of about thirty that I think are required reading for anyone who has an interest in the self development field. I work in the areas of NLP, Persuasion, Attitude, Fire and Glass walking, Inner Game, Seduction and Hypnosis. Here is a small selection.

I guarantee that, when I go on holiday or if I am travelling….at least three of these books are in my bag.

As far as price goes, you may find some of them, due to age, a little on the high side.  Remember, if a £40 book changes your life or one sentence in a book makes you £20,000…you won\’t worry about the price.

Me with the Jedi Master.  Ross Jeffries.  He inspires me every day.  Although he teaches Speed Seduction his techniques and skills can enhance your life in all manner of ways.  Read him and click on


I have read all of Richard Bandlers books.  These are my favourites.  He, along with John Grinder,created NLP.  He is the Master


Steven Heller was a great inspiration to me and I consider Monsters and Magical Sticks to be one of the best books on Hypnosis ever written.  I can read it again and again and still read something I didn\’t get last time!


Neil Strauss brought Seduction and persuasion into a wider consciousness with his books The Game and the Rules of The Game.  Ross Jeffries, Bandler, Steve Piccus, Hypnotica and a lot of others appear within the pages.  Its a good resource to find your own way and navigate the minefield. 


Two great books on Firewalking


For help in breaking out of limiting beliefs and mind sets then I would suggest reading:


A Terrific book that combines persuasion techniques, language patterns and hypnotic language with sales techniques.  Unlimited Selling Power

Plus these classics, which are required reading, in my opinion….

This list is VERY incomplete….


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