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Putting someone together – Mooro Mouths Off!

Sitting here listening to a pal of mine on the phone moaning about how he \’lost\’ a sale the other day I can\’t help but think that he, like a lot of people, lose focus. No, I\’m wrong…they don\’t lose focus, they focus on the wrong things. By the way, how can you lose a sale you haven\’t got? I know that you, like me, understand the power of positive internal dialogue. Have you got a voice in your head that tells you to do things? The voice I\’m talking about is the one that went, \”Voice in my head? Me? Are you nuts?\” It\’s called thinking! That voice in your head is yours. You wouldn\’t lie to yourself…would you? Make your internal dialogue \”positive outcome\” focused. If you focus on the negative you will get in a negative mindset. I was at a management seminar years ago. Everyone went to a local bar one evening for a break. Later in the evening one of the guys, the only one to have taken his car, drove back to the seminar center. There is a long, half a mile, driveway in front of the manor house. Due to the rain he lost control of the car as he drove down the driveway. In the whole half mile driveway there is nothing apart from one, one, signpost. He saw it. Guess what he hit? He focused on where he didn\’t want to go. He focused on what he didn\’t want to hit. Like my pal did when I asked \’What do you want to do this month?\’ He replied, \’I don\’t want to miss my target this month.\’ Guess what he\’ll do? Yep! So… Focus on the positive. Focus on where you want to go. You can\’t drive by looking in the rear view mirror. To some people \’be positive\’ sounds like a blood group and nothing else. It\’s everything else. It\’s everything!

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