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Print is Best

Sometimes books live up to their names and do just what they were meant to do!

I take it no one has a challenge with reading?

If you do then this is a bit pointless for you isn\’t it!

They say that people who don’t read are almost as clever as the people who can’t.

In the days of fast food, fast cars and fast living we can sometimes lose track of the simple things, and what they can teach us.

Books are a wonderful form of learning, and they\’ve been around for…..quite a while. Reading above all else can be done anywhere, apart from when you are driving!

It can help you relax but most importantly when you read you are forced to use your imagination. And your imagination is one of the most powerful things you own, but sadly its something most people don’t exercise.

So go on pick up a book and start exercising. Remember the old saying ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you’?

They were wrong.

Look at it this way: ‘what you do know, may save you’.

A lot of people don’t realise that when Buddha said, “ignorance is bliss” – he was being sarcastic.

If you don\’t know what to read you could do a lot worse than read Biographies.

In fact, a biography about a person you admire, like, respect or aspire to be is a great starting point.

What if you could learn the success secrets of the greatest people who ever lived?

You can.

The lives of the famous and the infamous have been duly recorded in biographies and autobiographies and are ready for you to read and research. You only have to take the action to go to the library or the bookstores. Go online and download one to your computer or Kindle.

Personally, I prefer a real book but hey, whatever flicks your switch!

The lives of great thinkers, businesspeople and humanitarians are there.

You will read about successes and triumphs.

You will also learn how many times champions lose on their way to winning. You will also find out how many times a war or battle was fought before they won it!

In reading biographies, you may come to the startling conclusion of how much greatness you possess.

You may conclude: \”Hey, I can do that\”. You can decide to make your one life significant. Biographies help show you the way.

And that great NLP law comes into play…you will think, \”Hmmm, if they could do that….so can I!\”

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