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Let\’s take a look at a powerful NLP technique you can use right now. I teach this one to people who are about to stand in front of groups and speak or who are going to be stepping on stage or who need a little boost.

 Here\’s how it works…

Think of three times in your life when you felt very powerful and in control. Write them down (one sentence describing each). Now stand alone in a room.

Think of the first situation. Recall it in full color with sound and anything else that could make it real to you. At the moment when you feel fully back in that moment, slap your left bicep with your right hand and say, \”Power!\”

Do this with each of the three memories. Remember, you want to anchor the feelings by slapping your left bicep when you feel the memory at its most intense moment.

In NLP, this process is called stacking anchors.

Now that you have the anchor installed, you can fire it off as needed. The next time you are in a situation requiring confidence, slap your left bicep with your right hand and say, \”Power!\”

Just as sure as Pavlov\’s dogs salivated when they heard that bell, you will feel confidence surging through you!

Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is NO try!  Do it!  And enjoy!

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