Persuasion Engineering (Trans: Mind Hacking)

Many years ago, in the mid 80\’s, I started to study NLP when NLP was very new.  In fact Bandler and Grinder only created it in 1977!  Little did I know that I would get my NLP qualification from Bandler 20 years later!

I was a salesman so NLP was something that I believed I needed in my armoury, and I was right.  Interpersonal skills led to persuasion techniques and that was that.  I was dangerous.

I was, by that time, a timeshare salesman. Many people you meet say they are great salespeople but, with no modesty required, I was the best.  I still am.  I am not being big headed, I am merely stating a fact. 

I had a voice in my head telling me over and over again: I am the best at what I do.  Every time I looked in the mirror a voice in my head said: I can do it!

A Sunday newspaper, the News of the World, sent some journalists to the Costa del Sol in Spain, where I was working, to interview timeshare salespeople because so many holidaymakers were saying they had been tricked and cajoled into buying a dream which turned into a nightmare by fly by night, wide boy, liars…otherwise known as OPC\’s. 

When the journalists arrived on the Costa these fly by night, wide boy, liars were on the streets with their scratch cards telling people they had won a prize and had to go to a 2 hour presentation to get it.  Heaven help the OPC\’s if they strayed \’off patch\’ and started to stop tourists in an area deemed to belong to a rival company as that would mean \’the Clumpers\’ being sent out and all manner of mayhem with baseball bats and pick axe handles would ensue.  Anyone poaching on another company\’s patch would be in hospital that evening.  The money was big so the retribution was too.

I managed to avoid the Journalists.  They wanted to interview me about my techniques as all the sales people pointed at me as the one who was very successful.  Truth was that I was successful because I didn\’t sell it, I made people buy it.  Others made such a desperate sales pitch that they decided to lie and claim all manner of things to get the person to sign the deal.  They were giving the business a bad name and I wanted no part of it.  I didn\’t want the connection and I didn\’t want my picture taken.  Apart from a slightly blurry pic of me in Marbella wearing a white shell suit, leaning against a silver Lotus Esprit while on my mobile phone, which was a grey housebrick sized monstrosity (think Gordon Gekko Wall St \’money never sleeps Bud Fox\’ style) I escaped the press attention.  It was a test drive car anyway (more later on that).

At the presentation they would be told all of the benefits of timeshare ownership and given the chance to buy a couple of weeks in the sun by a very slick salesman.  I was that salesman.  I didn\’t appear very slick.  I didn\’t appear manipulative.  I didn\’t \’ooze charm from every pore and oil my way across the floor\’ either.  I was confident, capable, assured, knowled