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NLP Eye Accessing Cues & Persuasion

They say the eyes have it…. We\’ve all seen this NLP model before. Just by watching the movement of a persons eyes you can tell where they are accessing information. e.g. \”What colour is your front door?\” The chances are they will look up to your right/ their left, before answering. They are remembering. If we ask them what they\’re planning to do for their summer holidays, they\’ll probably look up to your left/ their right, before answering. Sometimes they might hear the sounds in their pictures or if they look down to the right they are listening to their inner voice. If they look down to the left, they are actually feeling – there is an emotional bodily response. So why is this useful? Well it allows us to get an idea of their thought processes – are they a Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic person. This is their representaional system If you ask questions and you watch their eyes e.g. they look up. they are seeing pictures, so if you want to persuade them use visual words such as bright, clear, focus, image etc. The Truth about Eye Accessing! Remember this is a general rule! It\’s an NLP model and sometimes the model lies. Remember one of the NLP presuppositions: The Map is NOT the Territory. Eye Accessing Cues have come under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years in NLP, many people access information in different ways! For example if they are left handed – the model may be reversed! The key to finding out is to ask questions and observe! The Slight of Mind tip. 1. Ask them about their favourite person their eyes will move as they search for the answer and then move to a spot where…Guess What – That\’s where they keep their friends!! If you want to persuade them stand in the same spot!!! You can check this by asking about people they don\’t like! It will be a different spot. The key is to watch… 2. Ask them questions that you know they\’ll have to answer yes or no to. They\’ll have a \”yes\” and a \”no\” spot I\’ll leave it up to you to figure out the endless possibilities… 3. If you ask a girl to describe her ideal partner, watch to see where she looks and then…jump into that spot!!

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