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Message from Dave – Dynamic-Life Academy

I firmly believe that Human Beings have unlimited potential. We all have inner ability that will remain dormant throughout our lives unless we tap into it. I believe that a Human Potential Technology program can free the mind, the spirit and the body. I do not buy into the belief that we only use a third of our brains. I believe we use all of our brains, but only parts of the brain at any one time.

We are a collection of beings that can evolve, or progress, or remain stagnant. It is our choice but sometimes a person comes along who shakes you up, makes you think differently, scares you, antagonises you, compels you to take on board their ideas and thoughts. There is a deep paradox or contradiction in getting people to take action. It is hard-wired into the brain over millions of years evolution and each one of us has a collection of moments building on one another and gaining momentum can be difficult.

The basic tenet of every computer game is: \’You will be killed if you stand still\’

It’s the same with life, and business.

It is my goal to make a constant, forward moving, powerful change in myself and in the world around me by pushing beyond limits set by other people who believe they know best. I choose to live in a world, a belief, where ANYTHING is possible. Anyone who tells me that something cannot be done is really telling me they don’t know how to do that something.

As a student of Iconoclastic thought I am amazed at how often I am told something can not be done when I have been doing it for ages. I live an abnormal life in an outstanding world and my beliefs sit way outside of social norms. I see normality of thought and action, of rules and ‘we always do things like this’ as limits, perimeter fences, which must be removed. I seek to transcend the commonality and the norm.

I am a pioneer of 21st Century thought. I believe that by controlling our ‘Inner Game’ we influence and change the reality around us. I do not tread a safe path but I only see failure as feedback. I do not buy into ‘try, try, try again’. I do, or do not. There is no try! I have no agenda, I come from no angle or direction. I flow like water.

I believe that the Human Potential Technology system I use is the best. It will change and it will grow. It is a collection of the state of the art techniques from NLP, Hypnosis, Persuasion, Inner Game, Seduction and Influence.

I have no way, as way. I have no limitation as limitation. I am your first, your last, and your only source of Human Potential Technology. I push the boundaries, limitations and expand the comfort circle of everyone that works for, or with, The Moore Consortium and the Dynamic-Life Academy.

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