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Love What You Do

There are many different types of music to listen to or to play.  Choose one that you love.

There are many martial arts styles from which to choose. Choose one that you love.

Each of the arts properly practised should lead you to a more productive and stress-free life.

There are 5,000 different types of occupations. Choose one that you love.

(Psst!  Here\’s a bombshell…People have been successful at all of them.)

They are your models. You can do the same.

If you Do what you Love and Love what you Do it will never be work.  It will never be \’a job\’.

When you watch people who love what they do you will see that they \’work\’ with a smile on their face and a song in their heart. They move with grace and ease.

They attend carefully and lovingly to every detail. They never tire of what they do. They do it willingly and with joy and excitement.

They talk about what they do with passion, they read about it, they keep up on the latest trends, they teach it to newcomers and converts.  They talk about it to everyone!

When you love your work, it\’s like a love affair. You do it with a passion. You want to do it all the time, in as many ways as possible.

Wherever you go, whomever you\’re with, you want to do what you love because it feels so good.

When doing anything you have a choice as to how you feel when you are doing it. You can dislike what you do, or you can love what you do.

Every action, chore and task can teach you something, even washing the dishes! And for this reason alone everything should be approached with love in your heart.

Ultimately, if something needs doing then you may as well feel good about doing it.

Do what you Love, Love what you do, and do it with a passion.

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