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London Underground…

…is rubbish! It\’s a rant again…so no apologies will be made.

I came into the office on the tube this morning. I do most days, mainly because: 1. I do not agree with the congestion charge as it costs too much to keep a car on the road before you even get in it, let alone pay to get into certain areas, and.. 2. There is nowhere to park here without some doddery old police support/ traffic warden hiding in a doorway smoking a roll up spotting you and risking a heart attack by running over and slapping a ticket on your car. The amount of kit they carry would worry the SAS. The young ones are even worse. They are brain dead. (Personally, I think these people are the lowest of the low and should be used as food but thats another matter!)

I got on the Jubilee Line which, if anyone reading this has had the bad luck to use, does not live up to its name. There has never been nor will there ever be a Jubilee held about this line. We pulled into Bermondsey station only for the tannoy to bark out: \”Due to a suspected fire at London Bridge station, it has been evacuated. This train will not be stopping at London Bridge.\” Tell me they didn\’t know that at Canada Water, the previous stop, where people could have got off and changed trains?? (I think everyone was a little shocked that we could understand what the voice was saying. Sometimes it is in a strange accent. Most of the time it sounds like one of those old russian cosmonaut broadcasts from space in the 60\’s. ) \”This train will call next at Southwark Station.\” The doors closed and we pulled away.

I, like many others thought that we would power on to Southwark, some people having bitten the bullet and got off at Bermondsey and gone back to Canada Water. We, the people on the tube, were content to go to Southwark, and then to infinity and beyond! We hurtled through the tunnel, which was what we wanted to do but, what happened next? We pulled into London Bridge and stopped for two minutes with the doors closed and then….pulled away. We hurtled again into Southwark Station and the doors opened.

What does this tell you? Well, my mind is telling me this. There is no sense in speeding through a tunnel and stopping at a station you think may be on fire. It seems to me that the code of practice is: If a station could be on fire, hurry up, stop the train there, cook the passengers and then…err…that\’s it.

Wonderful. Thank you TFL. With service like that we understand why you keep putting the fares up. Here\’s to the next strike action.

Next, Steve has just returned from lunch. He goes swimming at the local Gym in London Bridge. He has just told me that he had to be evacuated from the Gym in a security scare. He was standing in his swimming trunks while they were looking for a \”suspicious package\”. You really can\’t make this stuff up.

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