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Let it Snow – Let it Snow – Let it Snow…

As the UK is braced for the possibility of snow next week I want all of the door to door salespeople to take heart from the fact that this is the BEST time to get knocking and selling.  Simply because your PB, Probable Buyer, will be indoors because of the weather.  It gets dark at 4pm and the lights come on.  You can even SEE them indoors.  Your contact rate will skyrocket and so will your commission which means your bank balance will be as full as Santas sack!

Just remember.  Your PB will give you all the information you need if you ask the right questions.  By right questions I mean, questions that make your customer think.  Questions that make them give you information about them and why they buy.  When you get the sign to go in, or to ask for the business, take it.  Don\’t keep talking about who you are and how great your company is…take action, get the deal and get the business.

Your customer will give you all the information you need.  Listen to them, hear it, read it, use it.  Don\’t be the guy in the cartoon at the top of this post.  See the sign…

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