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Lesson #6. A leopard never changes its spots; but it does disguise them.

There have been times in the past when we have all been sold a dream. An idea, a plan, a future reality of how life will be if… It sometimes pans out but many times you find that the person giving you the ‘dream’ is a habitual liar or fantasist. Yes, you know who you are.

Too much going on under the surface…

Human beings are inclined to give someone the benefit of the doubt. We assume that people will learn from their mistakes. They wouldn’t lie to you again, surely? We tend to make a first impression in the first 30 seconds. Someone will make his or her mind up about you in that first half a minute.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression…usually. But we, as human beings, give people the benefit of the doubt. Surely they wouldn’t lie to me. Surely they wouldn’t spiral out of control. Surely they wouldn’t betray me: again? They present a valid and interesting idea to you. You climb on board. You are now on the highway to hell.

Lesson #6. A leopard never changes its spots; but it does disguise them. If you have had an experience with someone that, to say the least, leaves a lot to be desired my advice to you is to heed the warning above. Anyone who is capable of lying to your face is more than capable of lying to themselves and even hiding their true intentions. They can also disguise the fact that they have an ulterior motive and in some cases have planned a completely different outcome to the one outlined to you to get you on side.

Like a cancer, festering away, these leopards eat their way through your life, your money, your possessions, and your ideas. If you decide to have a life of your own, or you decide to pull away and do your own thing, they play the victim. It is everybody else’s fault but theirs. The world has conspired against them. You will now be the enemy and they will spend a lot of time and energy trying to convince others that their idea of you is correct.

Remember that the leopard never changes its spots. A liar is a liar and a cheat is a cheat. Leopards never change their spots. The spots are faults, dirt, lies, envy, betrayal, theft, the list goes on.

Once bitten twice shy. If you have had an experience, remember it. If you have a first impression, remember it. The leopard will disguise the spots just to get under your defences. Don’t fall for it. You have two options. One, ignore it and don’t get involved. Two, buy a gun and go hunting.

Coming soon…Lesson #7: Never leave loose ends.

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