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Is That A Friend Or An Enemy?

As unpallatable as this sounds, experience leads the Dynamic-Life team to advise that, you should be wary of your friends, to a certain degree and in certain circumstances.

If you are successful, as you would want to be I am sure, your friends will be prone to envy.

In many instances it is advisable that you should hire a former enemy.  They will be more loyal because they have a lot to prove.

You will also get true answers and advice.

If you have ever watched a TV talent show and heard a tone deaf singer you must have wondered who had told them they can sing and should go on the show.  So, who would have told them they were great?  Of course, their best friends!

You have more to fear from your friends than your enemies.

A friend of mine watches horror films and then tells me they are too scared to go to sleep in the dark so they leave the light on.  They won\’t go to ghost hunting weekends or even have a seance.

I made it clear to them once, \” It\’s not the dead you have to worry about, they can\’t hurt you…it\’s the living you have to watch out for!\”

If you are starting a business or looking to recruit and one or more of your friends are available, it\’s likely that you would employ them.  You know them.  Why on earth would you employ a stranger when one of your friends could be working with you?

The fact is, you do not know your friends as well as you would think or believe you do.  Friends agree with you.  They tell you how great you are.  Friends hide their unpleasant qualities so as not to offend.  Brutal honesty is not as good as it sounds so you will never get it from a friend.  If you DO, hold on to them, they are rare.

If you hire a friend you will soon discover some of these qualities and traits that have hitherto lain dormant.

You are to blame for this.  You upset the equation.  You upset the balance.

You are in business.  Or, you want to be more successful generally.  If you want a friend, get a dog.

Friendliness obscures things.  It clouds.  It obfuscates.

You have a real gold mine of talent at your fingertips, your enemies!

Exploit them.

Never ever let the presence of your enemy unbalance you.  you are better off working alongside, employing or even socializing with a declared opponent than not knowing whwer your enemies lie in wait.

Welcome conflict.  It shapes you, your relationships, your business, and your destiny.

\”A wise man profits more from his enemies than a fool does from his friends.\” Baltasar Gracián

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