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Inside every cat is a Lion

Just when you think you have seen everything, something comes along and surprises you.

A few years ago (back in 1999 in fact) I designed a program which I have been presenting ever since called:

DNA. Decision – Navigation – Attitude. We Decide what we want. We Navigate to where we want to get to. We need the Attitude of success! Check it out on

This is it…

That is just sheer lazyness!!

\”I see dumb people…everywhere!\” The bottom line is this. Would you rather watch Al Pacino in Scarface or Fred Bloggs in the remake? I have copyrighted my work and my programs and in doing so, although I find the stealing of ideas amusing and a half assed compliment, I can guarantee that anyone presenting my work OUTSIDE of Sleight of Mind is giving you a \’Happy Shopper\’, \’Bargain Bucket\’, diluted, watered down with snake oil version and you should not accept it, or even consider booking it. Never judge a book by its cover. Inside every cat is a big cat, And remember, inside every nice person 🙂 …is a nasty one that can spring out at any time with a team of not-so-nice lawyers.


If you accept imitations…

…you will set your limitations!

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