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\’Trying\’ to be perfect takes too much time and effort and creates too much stress and is impossible anyway.

As I said before, if you \’TRY\’ to do something you never will!

Instead, strive to relax at the 90% level. Following this principle, reaching the 90% level in most of your financial and social endeavours will be something that you don\’t even have to think about because it will just happen through your persistence, determination, hard work and friendly personality.

Learn about the income and the lifestyle level of those in the top 10% of your profession. If you aren\’t content earning more than the 90% of your co-workers, choose another profession. It is possible to \’try\’ too hard in business, in exercise and in relationships.

Overwork can produce stress and anxiety, which is the opposite of the inner peace you seek.

Your best is good enough. Live to a high standard and not to an impossible obsession.

Your ‘best’ will be far better than other peoples ‘best’.

Here\’s the shock. When you have done this for a while, your ‘worst’ will be better than other peoples ‘best’.

Cool huh? 😉

But, remember…Modern life can make you soft both physically and mentally. You can be lulled into mediocrity very easily. The status quo may become comfortably familiar. You can actually begin to believe that you are doing all that you can do or that doing more isn\’t worth the effort.

In the martial arts, there is the concept of kai zen, which means a dedication to continual improvement.  This is also known as CANI: Constant And Neverending Improvement.

Challenge yourself. You must start the positive momentum in your life. You don\’t need someone else to tell you not to smoke. If today, you smoke, and you normally smoke a whole pack, tomorrow smoke 18. The next day, 17. Improve. If you haven\’t read a book recently, read one. If you don\’t exercise, take a walk instead of driving. If you can swim 30 laps, swim a mile. If you\’re shy, say “Good Morning” to five new people.

You know yourself. You know what self-improvement you need. You don\’t need anyone to tell you not to jump from a fifty story building, so why would you need someone to tell you not to do drugs, to exercise more, to eat a sensible diet, to talk to your kids, or to compliment your employees?

You know what to do.

Be strong. Take that step. Do the hard thing. Challenge the you who is content with yesterday\’s accomplishments.

Take a deep breath. The tortoise often beats the hare. Improve incrementally.

Changes that last a lifetime begin moment by moment.

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