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Howdy Pah-da-na…Birdy Num num!

Who\’s the guy on the right of the picture? That\’s right. The Lone Ranger.

The LONE Ranger?

Who the hell\’s that on the left then? Even the Lone Ranger couldn\’t go it alone.

As Yoda would say…

\”In selling, TWO of you there are \”.

It\’s a partnership. A sale is a partnership between you and the customer.

But never forget this… \”Who is the most important person in the sale, you or your customer?\” How many of you answer \’My customer\’ like you have been trained, told, brainwashed to do by people who should know better?

Let me ask the question in a different way. \”You and your customer crash land on a desert island. One of you is going to die first. Who is it going to be?\” Yep, you got it, the customer. What\’s that mean shylock? It means you just got promoted to \’most important person in the sale\’. YOU are the most important person in the sale. YOU are the most fundamental part of the whole thing. The customer doesn\’t know what he wants. He doesn\’t know how to get what he doesn\’t know that he wants. And, he doesn\’t know what to do with, or how to use, what it is that he doesn\’t know that he wants when he gets it!

That\’s where you come in pal. You are the most important person in the whole situation. You have control…always! You have the knowledge, the skill, the attitude and the technique. The customer doesn\’t have that. Do you know what else you have that the customer doesn\’t? The product! Your job is to sell the product for as much as you can. The customers job is to get the product for as little as possible. If I rang your customer and said, \”I am going to help you turn the saleperson over and rip him off\” they would LOVE it. Why should you feel guilty about being better at your job than the customer is at theirs? Always be in control, always have the result and your own position in mind, and never EVER, forget how important you are.

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