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GR8 G8?

The G8 Summit, for all of its pomp and circumstance, is really just a big sales meeting. That\’s all. That\’s not to say that this makes the gathering any less significant. It\’s not.

Sales meetings, whether they be between two small companies or eight big industrialized nations, is how things get done. Meeting face to face is essential in effective selling. Certain types of business can be conducted long distance, or over the phone or web, but high level big-ticket items usually require a little face time. And at the G8 Summit, that\’s what you have: World leaders gathering for some valuable \”face time\”. The goals in attending the G8 Summit are broad, but just like any other sales meeting the bottom line for attending is simple: More economic and relational opportunities with trading partners around the world. Even on the world stage, it still all comes down to doing a deal by making a presentation and closing the customer.

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