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Flying without…a clue? A plan? An idea? A hope?

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.

The thing about flying is that it is possible for anyone. Anyone can do it.

It was the late, great, Douglas Adams who said, \”The secret to flying is simple…you just throw yourself at the floor…and miss!\”

Anyone who says \’I can fly, I can fly…\’ when they jump off a building is absolutely right; but not for long. Gravity has a tendency of getting in the way of things like that. You have no idea of how that can impact.

Heres a pic of a Facilitator [pron: fat-silly-tater] who decided that he too could fly like an eagle only to crash and burn.

In some instances, it\’s best not to reach for the stars…you\’ll see plenty when you hit rock bottom.

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