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You are the exception.

You are willing to work harder and be more generous than you have to be.

You will exhibit character, vision, passion, enthusiasm and patience.

You will be ready to inspire and lead. You will accept responsibility. You will maintain the highest standards as you set the rules.

You will be consistent.

You will have a clear vision of your mission. You will encourage teamwork and the formation of strong alliances. You will set the example. You operate at the Jedi level.

In dress, speech, demeanour and attitude, you show the way to your colleagues. Your values and ideals have been deeply considered. You guide yourself and others toward excellence, not perfection. You are always open to new ideas, suggestions and offers of assistance. You must never ask or expect others to do what you would not do. You will believe in your clients and colleagues and they will reward you with their support.

Never forget, it’s your life. You are the captain of your ship and this is your journey.

Many people feel that they have no control over their own lives. Remind them constantly that this is NOT true. Once we all understand that we are responsible for all out comes, good and bad (if there is such a thing!) then we understand why these outcomes occur. From then on we are able to direct our lives as we see fit.

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