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Don\’t Quote Me On That, But…

Sometimes I get a Bright Idea!

\”It is just as if I plug myself into myself and I light up!\” was how someone described this process once….

When working on a presentation I have been known to say things that are a complete surprise to me, not just because it\’s the first time I have heard them too, they sometimes come up to the surface of my memory, but because I think \’Hmm. that\’s a keeper\’ and they go in the file of \’To be used again at the relevant moment!\’

Lately, during a seminar, some tweetchats (#HPTTransformation and #PeopleSkills) and a couple of HOA\’s things came up and it happened again….

Bad leadership is self-serving – Great leadership is serving others. I don\’t say this to impress you, I say this to impress upon you that…….you can do this too Don\’t sell the means; people buy the end!!!

This may be the crack in the wall through which you will see the world.

If you are going to go fishing, bait your hook with something the fish likes and not YOUR favourite food.

Don\’t \’assume\’ your client is as clued up as you…think about it…it\’s your job to know what it does, it\’s their job to use it.

When people believe they can do something, or if they believe they can\’t, they are right on both occasions.

I don\’t need to be your friend for you to trust what I say will work.

You don\’t need to be my friend for me to make you more successful.

You don\’t need to be my friend for me to change your life for the better. People don\’t get stuck in what happened to them, they get stuck in the significance of that event.

There are certain things you can only know by creating them yourself.

We are in a society where we are looking around for leaders, When in fact we should be looking for the leaders within ourselves.

Irrespective of conditions or outside influence, transformation can happen at any time. People have the ability to Transform.

It’s not what you think that changes your life; it is the space in which that thinking takes place.

Common Sense isn\’t all that common.

You have to live your life in a ‘you AND me’ world and not a ‘you OR me’ world.

The majority of people are motivated by the avoidance of what they don’t want rather than the attainment of what they do want.

If you create a context of well being in your life, the circumstances in your life will reflect that.

You are living in the past at today’s prices. The trouble with talking too fast or talking a lot is you may say something you haven’t thought of yet!  If that\’s the case, write it down!

This is why I keep hammering home the point about always keeping a notebook! 😉 The NOTEBOOK post

(Thanks to +Angela Goodeve for the artwork in this image)

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