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Capello to resign?

That\’s right Fab, that\’s what I think too!!

I cannot believe this comment in one of the Sunday red tops.  Why on earth would a Manager of the England team resign because of the poor performance in a high pressure game by the players of the England team?  The Manager trains the team, and he has support and advisors surrounding him.  He picks the team because of their performance during training.  If they elect not to perform as well as they did in training when they are on the pitch in a very important match, I would sack the players.

Having watched the qualifying games and seen the performance of England to qualify for the World Cup I am stumped.  England played so well that they beat opposing teams to qualify.  Now they are playing so badly they couldn\’t beat the teams thay have already beaten to qualify.  The Manager hasn\’t changed.  The training hasn\’t changed.  The team hasn\’t changed.  So, what has?  I think the individuals in the team have changed.  Their minds are either not there, not right or, as usual in international games, the England team believe they are so good they don\’t have to do too much for the opposition to crumble.  How many times have we seen british sportsmen rest on their laurels?  Frank Bruno was notorious for hitting his opponent and, when they were hurt, standing back and admiring his handywork.  Maybe England think they are unbeatable and don\’t need to do anything to confirm that?  More likely, the team are a group of overpaid individual prima donnas who are not bothered either way…

If heads roll after Wednesday I only hope it will be some of the players who are sacked and not the Manager.

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