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Ask for the Business

This is a sign I had made up and put on the wall of my office.. I came up with this 15 years ago and it is a great mindset!!.

It\’s a contact sport.

What is?  Selling! 

But the truth is that even if people say they are not buying at the moment they will still want to know where to find the best.

Don\’t be shy or falsely modest. Tell them it\’s you!!!

Whatever you do, you do it to the best of your ability and so you do it well. You constantly train and research ways to improve yourself, your mind, your body, your home life and your business.

People want the reassurance of hearing this. They will come to you and come back to you and you will succeed.

Ask all that you meet to buy your product or service. To help a lot of people, you must tell a lot of people what you can do for them.

read that again: To Help a Lot of People you have to Tell a Lot of People.

Hand out lots of business cards, write a newsletter, write a blog, send e-mail, mail announcements, give speeches or hold seminars. Not everyone will like or appreciate or be grateful to hear your message, but most will.

In business, your fate lies not with the one prospect you are calling, but with the one hundred you are willing to call.

Some will. Some won\’t. So what? Next!!

You can be shy and work for fifty years. Or, you can believe in your product or service enough to be proud enough and brave enough to ask everyone to buy, and you may not have to work very long at all.

The odds of succeeding when you deal with many prospects is high. The odds of succeeding when you are focused on the needs of others is overwhelming.

Don\’t hide.

If you can\’t be proud of what you do or sell, then do or sell something else. You can\’t make people buy but you can let them know, if and when they are ready, that you will sell them a quality product at a good price and that you will appreciate their business.

Be strong, be proud, and never, ever, apologise for selling yourself.  You might just be what they need!

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