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Are You Bound By Boundaries?

Look at the sky at night and see worlds upon worlds upon worlds, galaxy upon galaxy, without end.  We are told that space is infinite, with no end… What do you REALLY see?   I see no boundaries. When I look at your face watching mine as I love you, I see no boundaries. When I consider what\’s absolutely possible for every single human being I see no boundaries. When I imagine how life could truly be for every one of the billions of people in this world, I see no boundaries. 

Yet what would life in this world of ours be like with no boundaries? We have natural corporeal frames. We\’re not invisible. We exist.  We have zip codes, capital cities, states and counties. We have insurance numbers and passports.  We\’re expected to drive in our lane on our side of the road. We knock or ring the door bell when we arrive for a visit at someones home. We shake hands when we greet.  We kiss when we meet and say goodbye.  We have manners and we take or give right of way in everything from walking through a door to changing lanes on the motorway/ freeway.  Societal protocols guide us to agreeing that we don\’t enter someones personal space without permission.

So, evidently there are physical and abstract boundaries everywhere, and we\’ve got no means to be without them or to avoid them. We haven\’t got wings to fly over them or past them, and we don\’t skirt around them. Where, then, is the context of no boundaries?

They are in our own being, in that profoundly moving moment of self awareness … this is where there are patently no boundaries. There\’s no realm of \’no boundaries\’ to go to. There\’s no place without edges anywhere on Earth. The realm of no boundaries is a realm to come from.  HERE IS WHERE IT IS, NOW IS WHEN IT IS, YOU ARE WHAT IT IS In reality: This is where it always is. It\’s been here for all eternity right up until this very moment. It\’ll be here from this very moment to beyond the end of time.  The physical boundaries of which side of the road to drive on, what zip code to mail your electricity bill to, the proper way to set a dinner table for your guests, the date by which to pay your property taxes on etc, and the abstract boundaries of being appropriate, respecting privacy etc, demand and command respect – or life doesn\’t work.  But when I\’m really with you in the moment, if I don\’t grant you permission to be who you really are around me, if I don\’t give you the space to have the experience you\’re having, if I am investing my time in you having another experience other than  the experience you\’re having, when I\’m engaged in the boundaries you\’ve determined for yourself, it is at that moment I become your co-dependent in keeping you small, limited, confined. If I have prevented from you from discovering who you really are I will be denying and precluding you from the possibility of transforming your life…and I cannot, and I refuse, to do that.  And you should refuse anyone from doing that to you.

Until there\’s transformation, the possibility of living a life with no boundaries is completely unreal. The miracle of transformation is it restores reality to no boundaries, and leads us to who we really are. It also allows us to conform to boundaries without seeing them as an intrusion on our own.

If a person intentionally drives on the wrong side of the road they are an idiot. And if they drive on the correct side of the road while resenting the rules and nature of boundaries, they\’re still a fool.  Choose to live from no boundaries … AND … drive, without questioning it, on the correct side of the road because that\’s what it takes to make a life with no boundaries work.  What is, is….and what isn\’t, isnt!

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