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Advertising – does it work? Yes, if done right!

I am amazed at how advertisers, when they get no response from an ad they have placed, always blame the magazine. this is wrong. The fault lies with the advertiser. plain and simple. The reason? their advert was rubbish. Tottenham Court Road is the biggest collection of electrical shops outside of Hong Kong. They all do business. Lets imagine you open up an electrical shop in that road but nobody comes in, nobody buys. Are you gonna call Camden council and say \”Tottenham Court Road is rubbish for selling electrical goods. i wanna move!\” No. I think your first thought would be \”What the hell have I got in my shop window?\” The advert in a magazine is the shop window. Make sure your customers realise that if they get it right it will work. If they get it wrong, its not your fault. You delivered to them. They didn\’t deliver to themselves.

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