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Your contented presence shows an air of simple elegance and refinement in your attitude and form. You appear physically, emotionally and spiritually strong and yet you seem to have even greater strength stored in reserve.

You are poised, co-ordinated and balanced. You command with effortless confidence.

Be calm. Be deliberate. Feel assured and alert. Look good. Feel good. Keep your head up and your shoulders back. Keep your eyes forward. Breathe deeply. Walk with a purpose. Have a firm handshake. Your eyes are friendly. Let your smile begin in your mind. You exhibit both style and class. The odds are with you.

You are the product of millions of years of human evolution. You have a family heritage and a nationality of which to be proud. Take pride in who you are and in those values and beliefs for which you stand.

Bask in the feeling of being your best.

The things you want drawn to you will come as a result of your good nature and determined persistence.

Pause and savour the moment. You have already intimidated your opponents and charmed your followers.

Suppose you woke up tomorrow and you were the ideal you.

Would you be: more daring? More powerful? More friendly? More accepting? More ambitious? More appealing? More giving? In your mind\’s eye, see this new you. Start acting immediately as the person you want to be, a person of character with a sound reputation.  Act as if!

Your words, your manner, your attitude, your dress, your posture and your actions are all reflections. First you will see yourself as the new reflection and then others will begin to see the newly reflected you.

In modern society, people are constantly bombarded with visual and auditory messages. People need cues to sort good from bad and to find order so that they can make decisions. In many different aspects of your daily life, you are giving off cues which can be positive or negative.

If you speak well, dress appropriately, smile, are courteous, have manners, work hard, volunteer and don\’t complain, you give people short cuts to view you in your best light. People will start to treat you as the new ideal you.

Be constantly on the lookout for heroes in your own life to admire and emulate. Adopt their styles. Then, lead by example.

Find a model you would like to become. Model the model. Become the model.

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